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As a fast growing trend, most home owners are opting to install ceiling fans instead of the conventional pedestal fans. As a trend, there are many factors that influence home owners to opt for ceiling fans instead of pedestal fans.

Ceiling fans are not only used in residential property but also commercial properties. A home or any other property is highly valued if it has a ceiling fan. So, why do people prefer ceiling fans? Well, this question forms the basis of discussion here below where the benefits of using ceiling fans will be highlighted.

The problems associated with the fans will also be highlighted and a comprehensive guide on how to choose a best ceiling fan.

The Quietest Ceiling Fans For 2019

A noisy, humming ceiling fan can be an extreme annoyance- particularly if you've installed one in your bedroom and it interferes with your sleep. We scoured the internet and user reports to unearth the quietest ceiling fans- all of them are down-rod mounted and we rank them according to their airflow, so you can figure out which is the best inaudible option for your living area. 

 Quiet Ceiling FansOur RatingPriceBlade SpanMountingAirflow
Nomad 52 Ceiling FanThe Nomad Ceiling Fan Motor4.6$52"Downrod5,430 CFM
Westinghouse Lighting 30 Wengue 3 Blade Ceiling FanThe Westinghouse Lighting Wengue Ceiling Fan4.4$$30"Downrod2,543 CFM
Monument Bala Ceiling FanThe Monument Bala Ceiling Fan4.7$$42"Downrod5,584 CFM
Westinghouse Lighting 42 Alloy 3 Reversible Blade Ceiling FanThe Westinghouse Lighting Alloy Ceiling Fan4.4$$42"Downrod4,083 CFM
50 Pro Series Ceiling Fan Finish: Antique Brass with Oak / Walnut Blades, Glass Type: Alabaster Swirl GlassThe Antique Brass Pro Series Ceiling Fan4.7$50"Downrod5,224 CFM

The Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Lights For 2019

An outdoor ceiling fan with light installs inside of areas like gazebos, porches, and patios providing illumination and cooling air circulation. Most of them are down-mounted and feature light kits that supply ambient, if not totally powerful, illumination. One of the best reasons to install an outdoor ceiling fan is that they can effectively extend your living space to out of doors areas- especially if muggy, humid weather sequestered you to air-conditioned, climate-controlled home interiors.

The Best Large Ceiling Fans For 2017

The Best Flush-Mounted Ceiling Fans For 2017

 Flush mount Ceiling FansOur RatingPriceBlade SpanMountingAirflow
46 Hatherton 5 Blade Ceiling Fan Finish: Antique BrassThe Hatherton Antique Ceiling Fan4.6$46"Flush3,422 CFM
Minka Aire 44 Traditional Concept 3 Blade Ceiling FanThe Minka Aire Traditional Concept Ceiling Fan4.5$$44"Flush4,940 CFM
42 Conroy 5 Blade Ceiling Fan Finish: Onyx Bengal with Burnished Mahogany BladesThe Conroy Ceiling Fan4.8$42"Downrod2,825 CFM
42 Stratmoor 5 Blade Ceiling FanThe Stratmoor Ceiling Fan4.2$42"Downrod; Flush4,098 CFM
48 Adalyn 3 Blade Ceiling Fan with Remote Finish: Bright Brush NickelThe Adalyn Ceiling Fan4.6$$48"Downrod4,700 CFM

The Best Nautical Ceiling Fans For 2017

 Nautical Ceiling FansOur RatingPriceBlade SpanMountingAirflow
52 Islander 5 Palm Blade Ceiling FanThe Fanimation Islander Palm Blade Ceiling Fan4.8$$$52"Downrod4,788 CFM
52 Islander 5 Bamboo Blade Ceiling FanThe Fanimation Islander Bamboo Blade Ceiling Fan4.7$$$52"Downrod4,788 CFM
Windpointe Ceiling FanThe Windpointe Ceiling Fan4.9$$22"Downrod4,649 CFM
The Hampton Bay Indoor/Outdoor Coastal Ceiling fan4.8$60"Downrod6,983 CFM
The Westinghouse Oasis Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan4.1$48"Downrod4,305 CFM

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The Best Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fans For 2017

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The Best Indoor Ceiling Fans With Lights For 2017

 Indoor ceiling fans with lightsOur RatingPriceBlade SpanMountingAirflow
Brayden Studio 48 Melbourne 3 Blade Ceiling FanBrayden Studio 48" Melbourne 3 Blade Ceiling Fan4.2$$48"Downrod4,632 CFM
Brayden Studio 44 Mraz 5 Blade Ceiling FanBrayden Studio 44" Mraz 5 Blade Ceiling Fan4.6$44"Downrod4,262 CFM
52 Betty-Jo 5 Blade Ceiling Fan52" Betty-Jo 5 Blade Ceiling Fan4.6$$52"Downrod
Minka Aire 52 Acero Retro 3 Blade Ceiling FanMinka Aire 52" Acero Retro 3 Blade Ceiling Fan4.8$$$52"Downrod6,500 CFM
52 Discus 5 Blade Ceiling Fan Finish: White52" Discus 5 Blade Ceiling Fan Finish: White4.6$52"Downrod5,209 CFM

The Best Children's Ceiling Fans For 2017

 Children's ceiling fansOur RatingPriceBlade SpanMountingAirflow
The Westinghouse Roundabout Reversible Indoor Kids Ceiling Fan4.3$30"Downrod2,483 CFM
The Hunter 'Space Discovery' Kids Ceiling Fan3.8$$48"Flush3,095 CFM
Alice 5 Blade Ceiling FanThe 'Alice' 5 Blade Kids Ceiling Fan4.8$$44"Downrod3,800 CFM
52 ProStar Basketball 4 Blade Ceiling Fan with RemoteThe ProStar Basketball Kids Ceiling Fan4.7$$$52"Downrod4,532 CFM
The Craftmade 'Juna' Kids Ceiling Fan3.4$$$54"Downrod6,207 CFM

The Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Lights For 2017

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The Best Oscillating Ceiling Fans For 2017

The Best Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fans For 2017

 Remote controlled ceiling fansOur RatingPriceBlade SpanMountingAirflow
Westinghouse Lighting 24 Quince 6 Blade Ceiling FanWestinghouse Lighting 24" Quince 6 Blade Ceiling Fan4.5$$24"Downrod2,039 CFM
Westinghouse Lighting 48 Elite 3 Blades Ceiling FanWestinghouse Lighting 48" Elite 3 Blades Ceiling Fan4.5$$$48"Flush; Special4,682 CFM
30 Lura 6 Blade Ceiling Fan Finish: White with White Blades30" Lura 6 Blade Ceiling Fan Finish: White with White Blades4.3$$30"Downrod2,541 CFM
The Hunter low-profile 5-blade ceiling fan4.4$52"Downrod/Flush Mount2,852 CFM
The Comet 52-inch reversible 5-blade indoor ceiling fan by Westinghouse Lighting4.2$52"Standard Or Angled Mount5,199 CFM

Recent Ceiling Fan Reviews

Why Use Ceiling Fans

There are many reasons why one should consider using ceiling fans. Here below are the top benefits for using ceiling fans.

Ceiling Fans Lower Energy Costs: 
One of the top reasons why you should use a ceiling fan is because they help in lowering energy cost. In other words, ceiling fans are cost effective. They save up to 40% of energy cost that you would have used if you had opted for a pedestal fans or air conditioners.

Ceiling Fans are Stylish: Another reason why you should opt for a ceiling fan is to enjoy the aesthetic functions it provides. Apart from just making your room cooler, a ceiling fan will also go a long way to beautify your home. You can use attractive blades to increase their beauty in your rooms.

Ceiling Fans Add Value to Homes: There is an all year round addition of the home’s value if you use ceiling fans. They are known to add value to homes. This is through its classical functioning and the aesthetic value in it.

Ceiling Fans Use Less Space: Space is an issue that most home owners do mind a lot. Therefore, you can opt to use a ceiling fan to avoid interfering with your spacing. Given the fact that they are installed on your ceiling, you will not need extra space to accommodate your fan because the ceiling area is usually left unused.

Ceiling Fans offer Versatility from Room-to-Room: Another reason why you should use ceiling fans is that they offer versatility from room-to-room. You can use them in different rooms within your home and still enjoy the functional and aesthetics functions of the fans. They are thus very versatile.

There are many other reasons why you should think of using ceiling fans but the above mentioned are among the top reasons. From above, it is clear that it is quite beneficial to use ceiling fans than installing air conditioners in your home.

Problems with Ceiling Fans

Just like other good products, ceiling fans too, have their own problems. Though most of their problems can be easily sorted, it is worth mentioning them so as to enlighten users of the expected problems. Here below are some of the problems associated with ceiling fans.

Speed Failure: One of the problems associated with ceiling fans is speed failure. Suddenly, the speed of a ceiling fan might be reduced due to either mechanical problem or poor installation. When there is speed failure, the fan does not run using the intended speeds and thus reducing its efficiency in cooling the room.

Humming Noise: Another common problem of ceiling fans is the humming noise. This is a common problem when the motor of a ceiling fan fails to work properly. At times, the humming noise can be controlled by changing the speed of the ceiling fan though that is not the best solution.

Wobbling: A correctly installed ceiling fan should not wobble. But even so, there are ceiling fans that wobble thus making wobbling a problem associated with ceiling fans. Wobbling is quite annoying to the home owner and an instant solution should be sought when this problem is encountered.

The Fan Stops Working: Another major problem that one might experience with a ceiling fan is that it might just stop working suddenly. There are many causes that can lead to a fan not working completely.

Other ceiling fans may experience a faulty light which stops working.

These are just some of the common problems associated with ceiling fans. To avoid these problems, you should only select the best ceiling fans. This is because the cheap ceiling fans are the ones which are mostly faced with the above mentioned problems.

Find the Best Ceiling Fan

As a solution to avoiding the common problems associated with ceiling fans, it is better to find the best ceiling fan that will not disappoint you. Here below are the ways in which you can find the best ceiling fan.

Shop Online: One of the best ways of getting the best ceiling fan is by shopping online. This will give you a leeway to read the reviews of the ceiling fan before you purchase it.

Referral by a Friend: A friend can refer you to purchase a ceiling fan that he/she has ascertained to be among the best.

Opting for Leading Companies: Another way of finding the best ceiling fans is by only choosing the leading companies that have a track record in selling the best ceiling fans.

Selecting a Ceiling Fan

Now that you know where to get the best ceiling fans, you should also know how to select a ceiling fan that will fit your home perfectly. Here below are some of the considerations that you should make.

Get the Right Height: Depending on your room, you should get the right height for your ceiling fan to give adequate head clearance.

Size your fan to the Room: Your fan’s size should be proportionate to the size of your room. If you have a large room then you should get a large ceiling fan and vice-versa.

Control Options: While selecting your ceiling fan, you should also be mindful of the control options that you know the control options that you want. You can choose a wall switch, pull chain or a remote control.

These are some of the key considerations that you should consider while choosing a ceiling fan.

Best Ceiling Fans Brands

Here below is a list of the best ceiling fans brands in the world. This will help you in knowing what to look for in good a ceiling fan.

Hunter Ceiling Fans

The Hunter Ceiling Fans Company is one of the largest and oldest manufacturer of ceiling fans in the word. Based in Memphis, it produces more than 300 models of fun, both residential and commercial as well as industrial fans. It was founded in the year 1886 in New York by John Hunter and his son James C. Hunter, both of whom were immigrants from Ireland. The original company name was Hunter Fan and Ventilating Company, focusing on the manufacture of water motors and meters. After the death of John Hunter, the focus was shifted by his six sons to expansion of ceiling fans production. By the early 1920s, the company had already made its mark in the world of electric ceiling fans.

Why choose Hunter Ceiling fans?

Quality: The many years that Hunter Ceiling Fans Company has been in the industry has given them more experience than any other competing company. The quality of fans that they produce are of very high quality and offer only top performance. This is ensured by the inspection process which is covered by 500 steps for every product. The Hunter ceiling fans are very powerful but produce no noise and don’t wobble. They offer the most extensive services as well as a warranty program.

Variety: The Hunter Ceiling Fans Company is well known for its wide variety of products. Nearly all types of ceiling fans are offered from this company to match all your possible needs. The wide range covers the residential, commercial and industrial fans. In addition, the Hunter fans company also produce more than 100 accessories that are used for mounting and decoration purposes. They have a line of room air conditioners, programmable thermostats and decorative lighting products.

Availability: The Hunter ceiling fans are easy to get as they are sold through home centers, fan shops, discount stores and lighting show rooms.

List of best hunter ceiling fans

The wide variety of options availed by the Hunter ceiling fans may make it a bit of a challenge for one to choose a particular suitable fan. The following list of the best hunter ceiling fans should help make the process a bit easier.

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Fan

Hunter Fan Company is arguably one of the best companies manufacturing ceiling fans. The Hunter 53091 is one of their best ceiling fans. This fan is considered to be among the best due to the wide variety of features as mentioned below here:

  • Powerful Motor: It has a powerful motor that moves a lot of air quietly
  • Easy to Install: It is quite easy to install this ceiling fan
  • Reverse Running: The motor used in this fan is capable of running in reverse for maximum efficiency throughout the year
  • Candelabra Bulbs included: When you purchase this ceiling fan, you get two candelabra bulbs included.

There is a lifetime limited warranty on the motor of this ceiling fan just to prove that it is one of the best fans that will last for many years.

Hunter 53237 Builder Plus 52-Inch Ceiling Fan

This is another amazing ceiling fan by Hunter Fan Company. This is an efficient fan that is known to have numerous features that are unique. Some of the features include:

  • Designed for Larger Rooms: This fan has been designed for larger rooms of up to 485sq. feet.
  • Three Fan Speeds: It comes with three fan speeds options (high, medium and low) which make it efficient in delivering different speeds. The fan can also run in reverse.
  • Quiet: This fan has been designed using a special motor that will ensure it operates effectively without producing any noise.

Hunter 53090 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade

The Hunter 53090 is a stylish ceiling fan that is built with a designer brushed nickel finish. The stylish look of this ceiling fan is boosted with the Brazilian stained oak blades. It is not all about aesthetics with this ceiling fan for it has a powerful motor that works to move a lot of air in the room making the room very cool. It is a reversible ceiling fan that ensures its users get maximum value for money. Furthermore, the company has put a lifetime warranty on the motor and a one year warranty on the spare parts of this ceiling fan.

Hunter Fan Company 51023 Conroy 42-Inch Onyx Bengal

This is a Conroy 42-inch Onyx Bengal ceiling fan manufactured by Hunter Fan Company. The fan has a modern ultra-powerful motor that moves a lot of air in the room. Not only does it work well to move air in the room but also does so very quietly. You can therefore enjoy a cool environment without any external noise caused by the fan. The fan is ideal for rooms with a low ceiling. Another benefit of this fan is that the blades are repellent to dust. The fan’s bulb can be installed without light kit.

Emerson ceiling fans

Emerson ceiling fans are a product of the Emerson Company which was founded back in the year 1890 by 2 brothers, Alexander and Charles. John Wesley Emerson, a lawyer, judge and former Union army officer was the financer to the establishment of the company. It was located in St. Louis in Missouri, majoring in the manufacture of electric motors and fans. By 1892, the company had already made its name around AC motors sold in North America, with high quality being their main reputation. Ceiling fans went on to grow and became half of the company’s business by 1897. They even introduce the Parker scalloped blade design, which was a new technology of moving air in a more quiet and efficient way.

Why Emerson ceiling fans?

Emerson was the first: The company created the first electric fan motor that uses alternating current back in the year 1890. Ever since, they have been perfecting and refining all the products created making use of top quality materials and construction.

The tradition of excellence: The Emerson Ceiling Fans Company regularly comes up with great and new products and ideas which makes their fans a lot more efficient and aesthetically amazing.

Top quality: It has taken more than 125 years of crafting the Emerson ceiling fans in order to make them as good as they are. Nothing less than the best of materials is used for the construction of these industry leading fans, which the designs and construction process being of very high caliber.

Efficiency: With the rising cost of power, everyone is looking for products that will consume less power while offering more performance. This is exactly what Emerson ceiling fans offer you. They produce very powerful airflow without consuming too much energy. You get to save quite a good amount from your air conditioning bills, up to 40%, by simply using an Emerson ceiling fan during warm weather.

Variety: Whatever your need is, Emerson ceiling fans have you covered. Ranging from traditional ceiling fans to modern, outdoor and indoor, Emerson ceiling fans are versatile, high quality and timeless to complement any design aesthetic.

List of best Emerson ceiling fans

The following is a list of best Emerson ceiling fans that will help make the choosing process a bit easier.

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF765BS Loft Modern Indoor Ceiling Fan

If you want your home to take on an industrial, then, the Emerson Ceiling Fans CF765BS Loft Modern Indoor Ceiling Fan is no doubt the best choice that you’ve got. Specifically designed to be used in homes, the airfoil blades of Loft have a one of a kind way of creating an efficient solution and an uptown feel to moving air in a remarkable style.

Ideal to be used in homes with high ceilings, the Loft is approved by the Energy Star and comes with 60-inch blade span that has three airfoil blades, all of which are proven to be highly efficient. This has also a downrod of 6 inches, a 4-speed wall control. This is also adaptable to using a remote control although this is not adaptable to light fixtures. But still, you can be sure that the Emerson Ceiling Fans CF765BS Loft is a great option that you wouldn’t be able to resist, thanks to the stylish solution that it offers, ensuring that you get a beautiful fan that will be able to pull off all its functions and deliver the performance that you expect from it.

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF712ORB Pro Series Ceiling Fan

A gorgeous ceiling fan for indoor applications, the Emerson Ceiling Fans CF712ORB Pro Series comes with 5 reversible medium oak or dark cherry blades that will surely captivate your eyes right from the first glance. Its aesthetics is also further improved by its oil rubbed bronze finish, the amber scavo glass globe and the wooden chain pulls.

The antique brass of the 50” Pro Series Ceiling Fan also has precision-lock blade arms together with a mounting bracket for flush or for downrod mounting. This also makes use of a three 60-watt candelabra bulbs that are included in the package as well as a switch cover in case you prefer a fan-only installation. It has a diameter that has a measurement of 50 inches with a height of 14-4/5 inches.

One of the best things about the Emerson Ceiling Fans CF712ORB Pro Series Ceiling Fans is its quick install features, including the easy-install mounting bracket, the snap-on glass as well as the precision lock blade arms, all of which have been incorporated to ensure that installing your brand ceiling fan will be a complete breeze.

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF880BS Amhurst Indoor Ceiling Fan

Nothing beats the quality of air that comes from ceiling fans. If you happen to be searching for some dose of tradition combined with a more modern twist, well, there is no need for you to look further than the Amhurst indoor ceiling fan from Emerson.

Amhurst doesn’t just lead the pack in terms of beauty and function for this is also a guaranteed expert when it comes to moving air. During warmer weather, this ceiling fan makes you feel as much as 7 degrees cooler through creating a unique wind chill effect. This means that by setting your thermostat higher, you can actually save as much as 40% on your air conditioning bills. When winter comes, you can just flip a switch for conveniently running your fan in reverse so that the hot air trapped close to the ceiling will re-circulate.

This features a 53” blade span, a total of 5 reversible blades, an integrated light fixture that uses 2 included candelabra bulbs of 60 watts. There is also a 4.5” downrod included in the package, a 4-speed wall control with a receiver and is also remote control adaptable.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

The company was named after George Westinghouse, an inventor that was already renowned long before his name turned into a popular brand.  On record, he has credit to more than 361 patents, making him the most productive inventor. The company started with a spirit of commitment and innovation to improve the quality of life, something that has lived on throughout all those years. They have been in business for more than 69 years now though the brand has been there for more than 125 years, creating a customer trust that is solid.

Why Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

The Westinghouse blades: The blades used are always custom made with up to 6 layers. Each blade is matched precisely in weight and size then micro-balanced to ensure maximum airflow and a virtually wobble free operation.

The finish: The workmanship involved in all Westinghouse product is of extremely high quality with only the best of materials used. They will blend in with your décor and bring that cool effect that you desire in a stylish way.

Standards: Westinghouse fans are designed to fit perfectly in any 8-foot ceiling which is the standard. It positions the fan seven feet from the floor for the optimum clearance and air movement.

Accessories: There is a wide range of accessories that come with the Westinghouse ceiling fans. These includes the down rods and other lighting accessories that are both functional and decorative. You can change the light fixtures and shades of the glass in a very easy way.

Housing: High purity zinc is used to make the Westinghouse die cast housing. It is the best material that makes all the intricate design details come to life. It also has some very good plating and polishing characteristics that makes the finish superior.

The motor: The very best of motors are used with all the Westinghouse ceiling fans. This ensures that the performance will be at its best for a long period of time, a claim that has been proven true with time over the many years that they have been in operation.

List of best Westinghouse ceiling fans

There is quite a long list of Westinghouse ceiling fans. The following is a list of the best Westinghouse ceiling fans.

Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three-Blade Ceiling Fan

If you want a ceiling fan your industrial installation, then the Westinghouse 7861400 is the best option that you have. This is a specially made ceiling fan that is specifically manufactured to capture industrial/commercial facilities. It is five-speed wall control fan that gives the best speeds for a commercial property. Not only does it have the best speeds but also operates quietly. It does not produce noise when running. Though it does not have a reverse option, this ceiling fan delivers the best speeds to ensure a cool room.

Westinghouse 7801665 Comet Two-Light 52-Inch Reversible Five-Blade

This is a five-blade ceiling fan manufactured by Westinghouse Lighting Corporation. This ceiling fan offers three speed options with reversible switch to ensure that it works efficiently all year round. With its powerful motor, this ceiling fan moves a lot of air in the room. The specifications of this ceiling fan make it most appropriate for rooms of up to 360 square feet. Just so that users enjoy its efficiency, the company offers a lifetime warranty on the motor of this ceiling fan. The lifetime warranty does not cover spare parts which have a one year warranty.

Westinghouse 7247300 Alloy Two-Light Reversible Three-Blade

This is an indoor ceiling fan manufactured by Westinghouse. This reversible three-blade ceiling gas is known to be one of the most efficient fans in providing airflow efficiency. The three-speed options ensure that home owners enjoy perfect air all year round. Apart from the unique functionality of this ceiling fan, it also has aesthetic functions with its coating of brushed nickel finish with opal frosted glass. This ceiling fan come with a remote control that ensures you get full control of the air in your room at your convenience. Just like any other top ceiling fan, there is a lifetime warranty on the motor of this ceiling fan.

Westinghouse 7876400 Alloy Two-Light 42-Inch Reversible Three-Blade

The Westinghouse 7876400 is an alloy two-light 42-inch reversible ceiling fan. It works well in rooms of up to 144 square feet. It offers the three options for its speeds (high, medium and low). The speeds offered ensure that there is good control of air throughout the year. Given the fact that it is reversible, you can run the fan counterclockwise in the summer for effective cooling. This ceiling fan comes with a remote control that makes it easier for home owners to control the temperatures of their rooms conveniently.  With a 2-year warranty on the spare parts of this device and a lifetime warranty on the motor, you can trust that it is among the best ceiling fans available.

Final Words

The above mentioned are some of the best ceiling fans that you can get for your room. As seen above, there are different ceiling fans designed for different use depending on the kind of property and the type of room.

Therefore, it is very clear that ceiling bulbs offer the best option for getting your room cool. There are different types of ceiling fans manufactured by different companies that you can always choose from. It is, however, important to consider the above mentioned ceiling fans as your options. The above mentioned ceiling fans will ensure that you do not experience some of the problems that most people experience when using ceiling fans.