The 5 Best Low Profile Ceiling Fans Reviewed

A low profile ceiling fan is an ideal way to style and cool a low-ceiling living space. Also known as low-profile 'hugger' fixtures or flush mount fans, they are installed 'flush' against the ceiling (Source).

Hugger fans don't use downrods (that long stem that traditionally attach the fan to the ceiling) which enables the fan to hang at least 7 feet above the floor, a recommendation given by the National Electric Code (NEC) (Source).

Lower profile hugger fixtures produce a cooling effect in dwelling places throughout the summer time and deliver warmth in a home throughout the winter months (Source). There are several premium quality manufacturers that produce near to the ceiling fans.

Room Dimensions Ideal Fan Size
Up to 75 ft2 29 – 36 in.
76 – 144 ft2 36 – 42 in.
144 – 225 ft2 44 in.
225 – 400 ft2 50 – 54 in.

*Credit to Farreys 

Low profile hugger fixtures are perfect for sleeping rooms, workplaces, and lofts along with manufactured properties. Nevertheless, they can't be attached to sloped or vaulted ceilings because of the fan blades’ closeness to the ceiling. Check out the video below to see how to install one of these flush-mountable fans:

Installing a Hugger Ceiling Fan

We took a look at some of our favorite flush-mounted ceiling fans, providing Airflow and Blade Span information to help you pick the best low-profile option for low-ceiling areas in your home or business.

The 5 Best Hugger Ceiling Fans For 2019

 Flush mount Ceiling FansOur RatingPriceBlade SpanMountingAirflow
46 Hatherton 5 Blade Ceiling Fan Finish: Antique BrassThe Hatherton Antique Ceiling Fan4.6$46"Flush3,422 CFM
Minka Aire 44 Traditional Concept 3 Blade Ceiling FanThe Minka Aire Traditional Concept Ceiling Fan4.5$$44"Flush4,940 CFM
42 Conroy 5 Blade Ceiling Fan Finish: Onyx Bengal with Burnished Mahogany BladesThe Conroy Ceiling Fan4.8$42"Downrod2,825 CFM
42 Stratmoor 5 Blade Ceiling FanThe Stratmoor Ceiling Fan4.2$42"Downrod; Flush4,098 CFM
48 Adalyn 3 Blade Ceiling Fan with Remote Finish: Bright Brush NickelThe Adalyn Ceiling Fan4.6$$48"Downrod4,700 CFM

The 5 Best Low Profile Ceiling Fans

The Hunter Fans Hatherton 5-blade Ceiling Fan Review




Our Rating

The Hunter 5-blade ceiling fan is well-constructed, sturdy and quiet. Users love the way it blends with the interior, but some do note that it’s not easy to install it by yourself. This hugger ceiling fan has reversible wooden blades with a blade span of 46 inches, a branched light kit with three 60 Watt light bulbs and a 3-speed pull chain.

The size of this flush ceiling fan is 11.45" x 11.45" and it’s available in brass, bronze, and white. The maximum airflow is 3422 CFM, and it’s recommended for medium sized room. Overall, it seems like an efficient, low-cost fan.

As a whole, buyers are very satisfied with the Hatherton ceiling fan praising its functionality and style. One user comments that her husband managed to install the Hunter ceiling fan with ease because the instructions were clear and everything was labeled accordingly.

The reviewer also says that she likes the shape of the blades and how it looks in her bedroom. Another purchaser states that the light is bright, beautiful and the flush ceiling fan gives a classy look to her room. A happy customer mentions that the Hatherton ceiling fan has an expensive look, but reasonable price and she would recommend it to anyone looking for an elegant flush mount ceiling fan.

The reviewer also says that the fan moves a lot of air, and it does a good job of cooling her condo. However, some customers have complained that the light is dim, and one user complains that her electrical bill has increased since he installed the fan.

The Good

  • reversible blades
  • light kit with 3 bulbs, quiet
  • stylish design
  • good airflow
  • low-cost
  • pull chain
  • no-light cap
  • reversible motor and blades

The Bad

  • no remote or wall control
  • to dimmable feature
  • light isn’t very bright

The Minka Aire Traditional Hugger 3-blade Ceiling Fan Review

Minka Aire 44



Our Rating

If you are looking for a well-design ceiling fan that you can use outside and inside, you might take a look at the Minka Aire 3-blade fan. Users love the powerful airflow and how quietly it works, but some do note that they have problems with the wall control.

The concept 3-blade room fan has a size of 23.6 x 13.1 x 12.8 inches, three wooden non-reversible 44" blades, an integrated light kit with one halogen bulb and a cap for non-light use.

There is also a wall control with a size of 8.7"x 4.35" x 2" and 3-speed settings available. The maximum airflow is 4940 CFM, so it might be a good choice for an outdoor fan.

One user mentions that the size is perfect for an 8-feet ceiling and that the design is unobtrusive and sleek. Another buyer shares that he was surprised and delighted that the Minka Aire fan worked noiselessly and that the wall control was easy to operate. The buyer also states that the control doesn’t interfere with his other fans and the airflow is strong enough to keep a medium size room cool and fresh.

The reviewer also states that this hugger ceiling fan is easy to clean and suitable for any décor. Another buyer says that she likes the wall control better than the remote, and she has no trouble using this flush mount ceiling fan in her outdoor gazebo, and it’s holding up pretty well.

However, some have complained that the wall control is too big to fit in a gang box. Some also say that the Minka ceiling fan is loud and noisy on a higher setting.

The Good

  • good design
  • integrated light kit
  • 3-speed setting
  • suitable for outdoor use
  • cap for non-light use
  • wall control included

The Bad

  • wall control might be too big
  • complaints of noise
  • no remote control
  • blades are not reversible

The Hunter Fans Conroy 5-blade Flush Mount Ceiling Fan Review




Our Rating

If you are on the lookout for a low-cost, efficient ceiling fan, you might want to consider this Hunter 5-blade ceiling fan. Users love the compact size and that this ceiling light fan can be easily installed, but some do that there is no remote or a wall control.

With a size of 8.8" x 11.5" x 11.5", this hugger ceiling fan has five wooden blades with a span of 42 inches, a 3-speed pull chain, a bowl light kit with two light bulbs and a down rod. The maximum airflow is 2825 CFM, and it seems like a good choice if you have a small room that needs cooling off.

Users have a very positive opinion regarding the Conroy 5-blade ceiling fan. One user comments that the fan works noiselessly on all three setting and the instructions for installation are clear and well-written.

A happy buyer shares that she loves the color options and this flush ceiling light fan is perfect for her small bedroom, and she would recommend it to anyone looking for the best ceiling fans available. Another purchaser states that the Hunter ceiling fan is well-constructed and produces a lot of wind even on the lowest setting. The reviewer is also happy with the brightness of the fan light and the low-cost.

Other customers also comment that this modern ceiling fan has a stylish, expensive-looking design, suitable for any interior. However, some customers are dissatisfied that the light is not bright enough, and the fan can’t be used as a light source.

The Good

  • quiet
  • efficient
  • bowl kit included
  • easy to install
  • low-cost
  • 3-speeds
  • pull chain
  • reversible motor and blades
  • low-cost

The Bad

  • no remote or wall control
  • suitable for small rooms
  • dim light
  • there is no-light cap
  • no dimmable feature

The Kichler Stratmoor 5 Blade Hugger Ceiling Fan Review




Our Rating

The Kichler 5-blade ceiling fan has an elegant design, premium-quality construction and it’s suitable for medium size rooms. Users love the beautiful colors and the design, but some do note that there is no light kit included.

Made from premium steel, this flush mount ceiling fan has a 3-speed pull chain, five wooden blades with a span of 42 inches and a size of 8.25"x 42". It’s also downrod compatible, and available in white, bronze and stainless steel. The maximum airflow is 4098 CFM, so it seems like a powerful and low-cost ceiling fan.

One buyer mentions that this hugger ceiling fan is perfect for her 8-feet bedroom ceiling, and she is impressed with the quality and design. Another customer stated that he had no problems to install this elegant ceiling fan for about 30 minutes, and it works smoothly and quietly on the low setting.

A pleased buyer comments that the white modern ceiling fan has an impressive look, and it blends with her ceiling in an unobtrusive way. The reviewer is also pleased with the airflow, and she would recommend it without a second thought.

Another user shares that this Kitcher ceiling fan is ideal for low ceilings since it fit nicely to the ceiling. However, a small part of the customers have complained that the blades have a cheap look, and they don’t like the color and would paint them over.

The Good

  • good airflow
  • high-quality
  • low-cost
  • 3-speed setting
  • available in several colors
  • easy to install reversible motor and blades

The Bad

  • no remote or wall control
  • no light kit

The Yosemite Home Décor Adalyn 3 Blade Hugger Ceiling Fan Review




Our Rating

​The Yosemite 3-blade ceiling fan is reliable, efficient and a modern solution for cooling down your house in the summer. Users love the contemporary design, but some do note that they expected something bigger.

With a size of 17" x 48" x 48", this flush mount ceiling fan has three reversible blades with a 48-inch span, a remote control and an integrated light kit with two bulbs. You can choose from three different speeds and between silver and matte back for a primary blade color.

The fan body is available in nickel and chrome, and the maximum airflow is 4700 CFM. Overall, it seems like a high-quality, stylish product.

​Users are mostly satisfied with the functionality and durability of the Yosemite ceiling fan with light. One buyer comments that the airflow is very strong, and the light is bright enough to read comfortably in the evening.

The reviewer has used it for weeks without any complaints. She also advises that this flush mount fan has to be installed completely flat on the ceiling to avoid wobbling and noise. Another customer shares that it’s easy to operate and program the remote control, and it’s far more comfortable than a pull chain.

A pleased buyer expresses her surprise that even though this ceiling light fan has only 3 blades, it generates a powerful airflow, but still works silently. However, some customer states that the installation process is difficult and tricky. Some also complain that the light is dimmer than what they expected.

The Good

  • remote control
  • reversible blades
  • three settings
  • integrated light kit
  • quiet
  • sleek design

The Bad

  • difficult installation
  • high-cost
  • not suitable for outdoor use
  • there is no-light cap
  • bulbs are not included in the package

Our Other Fan Favorites

Flush-mounted (hugger) ceiling fans are designed for tight spaces, providing a low-profile option that installs 'flush' to your home's low-ceiling (Source).The term 'hugger' refers to how they seem to "hug" the ceiling.

Flush-mounted designs are great since it's generally recommended that there be a minimum of 7 feet between fan blades and your floor and for metal fan blades that minimum is actually 10 feet (Source).

To accommodate these spacing requirements, a low-profile option like a hugger ceiling fan helps bridge the gap, so to speak. Many buyers install them in walk-in closets, kitchen areas with low ceilings, workshops, bedrooms and dens (Source).

  1. The Hunter 53069 Low Profile III Ceiling Fan

Hunter 53069 Low Profile III 52-Inch Ceiling Fan with Five White Blades, White

This attractive fan has a bit of traditional charm that many users say has made a beautiful addition to their large, but low-ceiling, living areas. It can actually be used with ceilings that are as low as less than 8 feet. It has an uncluttered style finished with a color white coating. Its efficiency level is also quite high promising to give reliable operation while offering heating & cooling savings throughout the year. It has a three-speed setting and uses a whisper wind motor to make its operation quiet. It also employs an anti-vibration technology that is also a patented Hunter invention.

  1. The Emerson CF905ORB Prima Snugger Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF905ORB Prima Snugger 52-Inch Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Wall Control, Light Kit Adaptable, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

This is a 52 inch low profile ceiling fan that will maximize air flow in the room, creating a solution that is perfect for low ceiling areas. It has been designed to be ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. It features a housing that is oil rubbed bronze with the elegantly designed blades having a dark walnut/cherry dual finish. It has a four speed wall control that allows you to adjust to your preferred light and speed settings in an easy way.

  1. The Hunter Fan Company 51024 Conroy Ceiling FanBest Low Profile Ceiling Fans


This low profile ceiling fan uses a ‘whisper wind’ motor, delivering air movement that is ultra-powerful without producing any noise. It will make a solid addition to any room with a low ceiling. It has blades equipped with Hunter’s patented coating known as Dust Armor nanotechnology that has the ability to repel up to 58% of dust build- up.

Bottom Line:

These low profile ceiling fans offer both functionality and aesthetics to your low-ceiling’d room. Turn any large room that has a low ceiling into an elegant space with great air-flow by installing any of these great products.

What Are The Benefits of Flush Mounting?

Prior to the creation of suitable home heating methods and insulation, quite a few properties were constructed with low profile or dropped ceilings which helped keep heat in a room and living space. Heating and insulation has advanced drastically since that time.

​These Hugger ceiling fans, also referred to as flush-mount or low-profile fans, provide a neat cooling method since they are mounted flush up against your ceiling without having to use a downrod, which enables your fan to hang a minimum of 7' over the floor as suggested by the NEC.

These days, property owners residing in more aged properties encounter soaring temperatures throughout the summer time as heat will become trapped in little living areas. Inhabitants may think that there are no other choices but to endure the uncomfortable temps without performing huge home renovations or the ability to install a standard ceiling fan since this necessitates that the fan blades hang at the very least 7' over the flooring.

Hugger ceiling fans consist of most of the exact same characteristics as regular ceiling fans. Hugger fans rest flush up against the ceiling, which makes them perfect for areas with lower ceilings.

  • Include lights: Incorporating a low profile ceiling fan along with lights in your low ceiling space is a superb method to cool down and light up any kind of room in your home.
  • A Variety of Sizes: These types of fans can be purchased in a variety of dimensions, which includes compact hugger ceiling fans that give a unique effect to a young child's bedroom or fun area.
  • Outdoor Use: Damp-rated flush mount outside ceiling fans are manufactured using moisture proof components specifically designed for moist and damp areas. These kinds of fans are perfect for porches and decks.
  • Many Styles and Finishes: Hugger fans can be found in numerous designs and surface finishes, from modern to conventional. A white hugger ceiling fan is a well-liked selection amongst the coatings.

If you have a low roof and require air flow for small spaces- it does not always mean you have restricted choices to choose from. Air-circulating ceiling accessories incorporate a number of the exact same characteristics as conventional ceiling fans.

Brushed nickel hugger fans lie flat up against the ceiling, which makes them perfect to fit your décor in regions with low ceilings. You will get design and style whilst adding cooling to your present dwelling areas, even may allow an area to be lit up. Setting up hugger ceiling fans with a light kit in your low ceiling space is an excellent method to air-cool and lighten up any room.

Since these fans don’t call for a downrod, and hang up a minimum of seven feet over the floor, which makes it measure up to modern NEC requirements.These hugger fans are also great for incorporating functions of normal ceiling fans, like remote controls and lighting, for your outdoor patio or backyard.

These kinds of fans can be purchased in a variety of sizes and types, which includes oil rubbed fans that give a fancy feel to a play area. Searching through every one of the kinds, styles, and fashions will open your imagination to the numerous options and fashionable options you could have in your home.​

What are users saying?

If you are in the market for a flush mounting ceiling fan, one of our favorites is the Minka Aire Concept 3 ceiling fan- its users provide solid feedback for this particular option, saying that it runs very quiet and that stylistically it features clean lines with a minimalistic appearance.

One buyer was concerned that since they had run into problems using remote controls produced by other fan manufacturers in the past, they were pleased to discover that the switch functions independently from some of the other fans they have in their house. Another buyer applauds how quiet the major air is, but she complains that the wall control is cheap-looking, kind of hard to use, without clearly labeled on and off buttons. She also is not a fan of the halogen lighting- saying that it's a bit too dim for her 14' x 14' room.

Another buyer purchased this particular flush-mount ceiling fan for outdoor use- installing it in a gazebo, and working it with a remote as well as a wall switch.

Another option that received a favorable response from its buyers was the Hunter Fans Conroy ceiling fan. Users say that it runs very quiet, no matter which of the three-speed settings it is set on, and it is easy on the eyes as well as easy to assemble and install. One satisfied buyer says that they purchased three of these particular fans to install in each of their three spare bedrooms.

They were particularly impressed by the different color options available for the fan blades. They also found that it was a good size option for smaller bedrooms. Some negative things reviewers pointed out that the chandelier bulbs this fan uses tend to burn out kind of quickly and one buyer said that the glass globe that came included was cracked upon receipt, but that the manufacturers were happy to replace it without any issue.

Another buyer says that after extended use the fan became loud during operation- her husband was able to dissect it and discovered that a wire had become dislodged and was hitting against the motor as the ceiling fan was running. Once the wire was wrapped around the mount the noise stopped and the fan began running whisper quiet once again.

The Hunter Fans Hatherton fan was another option that received a positive response from its user base- it features a three-speed pole chain and reversible blades, both of which were popular features with those who purchased it. Reviewers were happy that they purchased a ceiling fan with lights- with one buyer saying that the instructions were surprisingly easy to understand and implement.

The packaging was also pretty thoughtful so buyers haven't experienced any broken parts in shipping. One reviewer who bought a pair of these ceiling fans installed them in their dining room and living room, saying that the amber and cherry-colored light globes made the living areas attractively illuminated.

Another buyer purchased the ceiling fan to circulate air inside of their overheated condominium, saying that it produced great airflow, but extended use did increase her electricity bill. Another buyer installed it in a low-ceilinged bedroom and said that with all of the different color options available they were able to select one that matched the natural white decor of their living space- but were not completely satisfied with the brightness of the lights.

Reader Submissions

The Yosemite Home Decor Chrome Hugger Ceiling Fan

One of the first user submitted flush-mounted ceiling fans we took a look at was the Yosemite home Decor 48 inch ceiling fan. It is advertised as a modern and clean-looking option with blades that have a 12° pitch, designed to operate quietly but powerful way. Buyers were impressed by the fans reversibility-saying that by using a switch you can easily change the fans rotation direction. This flush-mounted chrome-finished ceiling fan is controlled by a remote in, and its light is only adjusted from a wall switch.

  • One buyer we spoke with said they installed it in their bedroom and it is resistant to collecting dust.
  • On the downside, buyers have said it does produce and audible humming noise, though the higher you install this on the ceiling the less likely you will actually hear that.
  • Another reviewer were told us that while he was impressed with the design and air circulation powers, he does wish that the light fixture provided stronger illumination.
  • Another homeowner have this installed by electrician in her kitchen and she is pleased with its ability to cool down her cooking areas during the hot summer months though she does wish that it could be controlled from the fan itself in addition to its remote control capabilities.

The Hampton Bay Hugger Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Another flush mount option users submitted to us is the Hampton Bay Hugger brushed nickel ceiling fan. It is advertised as a reversible bladed option- on one side there is a maple finish on the other or there is a Walmart finish- effectively letting you adjust the color scheme to match the interior decor of your living room, bedroom, kitchen and other areas of your home.

As well, the rotation is completely reversible on three different speed settings including low, medium and high. It is best used indoors on the rooms measuring up to 20' x 20'. From The ceiling to the bottom of the light measures 11 7/8 inches.

  • Many buyers we spoke to purchase these from Home Depot and are generally impressed by the design, ease of assembly and effectiveness of air circulation, though some have complained that it makes a bit too much noise for their liking.
  • Another reviewer told us that he purchased an adjustable mounting ride to modify this flush-mounted fan- saying he installed it in his bedroom and is pleased by the increased air circulation that effectively cools down his resting area during muggy Alabama nights.

The Hardware House Arcadia Oil-Rubbed Bronze Hugger Ceiling Fan

A third flush-mounted option is the hardware house Arcadia oil rubbed bronze hugger fan. It features a pull chain control, complete reversibility of its airflow, an optional light kit, and a candelabra base.

  • One buyer we spoke with who took the initiative to perform his own measurements says that if you don't use the light kit the height of the ceiling fan is 8 inches but with it it is 12 inches.
  • Another reviewer told us that this was a solid hugger air circulator for his bedroom saying that even as a light sleeper at its highest setting and it doesn't interfere with his rest.
  • One homeowner was slightly disappointed with the length of the fans blades, saying that they are 10 inches long- so before warned that this is a small fan. While small, buyers were impressed by the power of its airflow and the strength of its candelabra lighting.
  • The pull chain that comes included was too small for many buyers- so they resorted to complementing it with their own pull strings to make it easier to manually adjust the speed of the fan.
  • Other buyers who were on the lookout for a particularly small hugger ceiling fan says that it has even been effective in tool shops- providing absolutely quiet operation at its lowest speed setting.