The [5 Best] Nautical Ceiling Fans Reviewed

Nautical ceiling fans evoke tropical sensations of sea breezes and misty San Franciscan piers. Their ribbed wooden blades are attractive and unique options for air circulation and these coastal, islander-themed options come with lights and a variety of different colorful finishes.

The indoor 52" Islander palm-bladed ceiling fan is one of our top picks- it comes with two ceiling blade finishes to pick from: red-brown or natural, and comes in a variety of different motor finishers as well, including nickel, pewter, oil rubbed bronze, rust, white and antique brass.

A remote and 60-watt candelabra bulbs are not included with purchase, but it does have three forward as well as three reverse speeds and it can circulate a robust 4,788 Cubic feet per minute. If you are looking for outdoor nautical ceiling fans, check out the Westinghouse and the Hampton Bay options.

Let's take a look at five of the best-selling nautical-themed ceiling fans on the market today and see how they compare.

Coastal Ceiling Fans Compared

 Nautical Ceiling FansOur RatingPriceBlade SpanMountingAirflow
52 Islander 5 Palm Blade Ceiling FanThe Fanimation Islander Palm Blade Ceiling Fan4.8$$$52"Downrod4,788 CFM
52 Islander 5 Bamboo Blade Ceiling FanThe Fanimation Islander Bamboo Blade Ceiling Fan4.7$$$52"Downrod4,788 CFM
Windpointe Ceiling FanThe Windpointe Ceiling Fan4.9$$22"Downrod4,649 CFM
The Hampton Bay Indoor/Outdoor Coastal Ceiling fan4.8$60"Downrod6,983 CFM
The Westinghouse Oasis Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan4.1$48"Downrod4,305 CFM

The 5 Best Nautical Ceiling Fans

The Fanimation Islander Palm Blade Ceiling Fan Review




Our Rating

The 5-palm blade ceiling fan offered by Fanimation is elegant, well-constructed and useful for keeping your rooms fresh and breezy. Users love the palm design and the color, but some do note that the blades are fragile.

With a size of 16.07" x 52" x 22", this nautical ceiling fan has three forward and three reverse speeds, five wooden blades with a span of 52 inches, a slope ceiling kit, a hand-painted glass bowl light, and a 6-inch down rod. The maximum airflow of the Fanimation ceiling fan is 4788 CFM and seems like a good choice if you are looking for a uniquely fashioned ceiling fan for a large room.

One user comments that the only thing she hears when the motor is running up is a gentle breeze noise. She is also very pleased with the tropical look and states that her husband had no problems to install the fan by himself.

Another pleased customer advises that this palm leaf ceiling fan adds a nice touch to any home décor, and she really would recommend it to anyone who wants to recreate the tropical atmosphere in his living room. A happy buyer shares that she is surprised by the quality of the Fanimation fan and how easy it’s to install it.

Another purchaser states that it’s perfect for her vaulted ceiling, but it doesn’t move as much air as expected – it’s more like a gentle breeze than a strong wind. Some other customers also have noted that the blades are paper-thin and may break easily.

The Good

  • palm leaf blade design
  • 3 speeds
  • easy to install
  • available in multiple colors

The Bad

  • fragile blades
  • no light kit
  • remote or wall control
  • not suitable for outdoor use
  • airflow is not very strong

The Fanimation Islander Bamboo Ceiling Fan Review




Our Rating

If you want a beautiful tropical decor for your room, you might consider the Fanimation 5-blade ceiling fan. Users love the leafy design and the quality of the ceiling fan, but some do note that there is no remote control.

Suitable for a ceiling slope up to 30 degrees, this tropical-themed ceiling fan has five bamboo blades with a span of 52 inches, a four light fitter, 3-speed options and a 6-inch down rod. The maximum airflow is 4788 CFM, and it’s available in several different motor and blade color. Overall, a good choice for a ceiling fan but you should be aware that it’s not suitable for outdoor use.

As a whole, users are satisfied with the performance and nautical design of the Fanimation blade ceiling fan. One buyer comments that it’s perfect for his bedroom, and this palm leaf ceiling fan is well-made, sturdy and quiet.

However, the reviewer says that it’s a bit large for her 8-feet ceiling. Another purchaser mentions that the bamboo blades are of high quality, and he would recommend it to anyone who wants a top rated coastal ceiling fan. One other customer says that the blades are big, hand-woven and beautifully finished. However, some customers complain that the remote control has to be purchased separately.

The Good

  • leafy design
  • a four light fitter
  • three-speed setting
  • good airflow
  • quiet
  • reversible motor

The Bad

  • no remote or wall control
  • not suitable for outside use
  • might be small for larger rooms

The Fanimation Windpointe Ceiling Fan Review

Windpointe Ceiling Fan



Our Rating

The Windpointe ceiling fan offered by Fanimation is well-made, stylish and a nice choice if you want to add a touch of the tropics in your home. Users love how quietly it works, but some do note that they expected something more powerful.

With blades made from natural palm leaves, this coastal ceiling fan has a size of 14.5" x 52" W x 22", three forward and three reverse speeds, a blade span of 22 inches, a four-light standard fitter and a 6-inch down rod. The maximum airflow of this nautical indoor ceiling fan is 4649 CFM, and it requires four 60-watt bulbs, which are not included in the packaged. Overall, its reviewers indicate that it is a high-quality product, and it’s suitable for damp and dry locations, but not for outside use.

A purchaser commented that she was very impressed with the quality of the Fanimation ceiling fan, and it was exactly the type of a white coastal ceiling fan that she wanted for her living room.

Another buyer shares that she is in love with the design and the color and she would recommend it to anyone who wants a high-quality ceiling fan. A pleased user mentions that she has four of these nautical themed ceiling fans at home, and they all work smoothly and quietly. She was worried at first to buy a fan with blades made of palm leaves, but it turned out that they were sturdier than she expected.

However, some customers have complained that the airflow is too light, and you can barely feel it even on the highest setting. Some are also disappointed with the lack of a remote control.

The Good

  • blades made from natural palm leaves
  • three-speed options
  • a down rod and a 4-light fitter
  • quiet
  • easy to install

The Bad

  • light kit
  • remote and wall control are not included
  • complains that the airflow is not strong enough

The Hampton Bay Indoor/Outdoor Coastal Ceiling Fan Review



Our Rating

The brushed nickel coastal ceiling fan offered by Hampton Bay has a unique design, durable construction and it’s suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Users love the size and the nautical style, but some do note that it’s not as powerful as they expected.

This outdoor coastal ceiling fan has three white canvas blades with a maximum sweep of 68 inches, an integrated light kit, a handheld remote control, and two down rods ( 3.5 in. and 6 in.) It’s suitable for large rooms, including those with sloped ceilings and it has an airflow of 5300 CFM. Overall, it seems a well-made and powerful ceiling fan.

One user shares that it’s a great new addition to his beach house, and even though the top speed is not as strong as he expected, it still does a great job of moving the air in his vast living room.

Another customer mentioned that she chose the Hampton nautical ceiling fan with light for her lakefront cottage, and she was surprised by its size. The reviewer states that it barely fits in her kitchen, but it generates a nice breeze, and it works noiselessly. It was also easy to install, and the customer is happy with the amount of light it produces.

She would recommend it to anyone with a big enough room for this large palm leaf fan. However, some other users have stated that it’s not nearly as powerful as they expected and it more suitable as a decoration than an actual fan.

The Good

  • light kit with one bulb
  • hand remote control
  • three speeds
  • two down rods
  • quiet

The Bad

  • doesn’t generate strong airflow
  • suitable only for very large room
  • limited color options



Our Rating

If you are looking for a high-quality outdoor ceiling fan, you might want to take a look at this single-light 5-blade outdoor ceiling fan offered by Westinghouse. Users love the oil bronze finish and the mahogany leaf blades, but some do note they had problems with the delivery.

With a size of 21.2 x 11.2 x 10.8 inches, this outdoor coastal fan has 48-inch plastic blades, a silicon steel motor, 3-speed settings, a reversible switch and a down rod. There is also a light kit with a yellow alabaster glass light fixture and one candelabra base light bulb.

The maximum airflow of the Westinghouse ceiling fan is 4305 CFM, so it could be a great solution for your outdoor patio or verandah.

As a whole, users are satisfied with the performance, functionality, and efficiency of the Westinghouse single-light outdoor fan. A purchaser mentions that it makes her outdoor patio looks like a small version of a tropical paradise. The reviewer states that this nautical ceiling light fan is sturdy, reliable, easy to install and the light is bright enough for her to read comfortably.

Another user shares that this outdoor ceiling fan is holding up well in a hot and humid climate and there are no signs of sagging or damage. A happy buyer also comments that the Westinghouse fan works quietly, and the breeze is strong enough to keep him cool. However, some customers are extremely disappointed that their glass globe arrived shattered due to poor packaging and some also note that it’s hard to change the light bulb.

Some also stated that the installation process was complicated and lengthy, and the instructions were unclear.

The Good

  • 3-speed settings
  • a light kit
  • reversible switch
  • down rod
  • quiet
  • stylish
  • low-cost

The Bad

  • no remote control
  • poorly packed
  • difficult to install
  • available in one color

Nautical Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

These nautical inspired ceiling fans have highly unique blades that provide strong airflow along with an atmospheric tropical feel. Buyers to purchase the bamboo-bladed Islander ceiling fan by Fanimation were pleased with their selection, especially since it came with a variety of different motor finishes including oil rubbed bronze, pewter, rust, satin nickel, black, matte white and antique brass.

One reviewer says that the paddle-shaped fan blades are large and gorgeous- and they gorgeously complement the decor of her house. Another reviewer who purchased the Hampton Bay brushed nickel Escape ceiling fan highly endorses its nautical theme- and is happy with the price because he purchased it used. Another buyer opted to purchase from Home Depot- and he says that because of its unique and eye-catching design it gets a lot of comments from guests.

The Westinghouse Oasis was another popular nautical option that comes with five fan blade and is equipped for indoor and outdoor use. Because it is designed for wet locations, it can effectively be used in outdoor areas like gazebos, patios, and verandas, running in a counterclockwise direction and warm weather and a clockwise direction in cold weather to help recirculate warm air from the ceiling.

This particular ceiling fan comes with a reversible switch which will help you to save on cooling and heating costs during the year- and it is designed to run pretty quietly because of its high-quality silicon steel motor with its triple capacitor. The manufacturers also provide some pretty interesting energy information numbers, saying that at high speed it's airflow is 4,305 ft.³ per minute, that it uses 57 W of electricity and its airflow efficiency is 76 ft.³ per minute per watt.

One buyer who purchased this Westinghouse ceiling fan says that, initially, he was hesitant to do so because previous purchasers had complained of receiving broken parts, and sometimes not receiving any at all, but likely this is not the case for him. He opted to have a professional electrician do the installation- saying that at his age he was just an easier option to get it done that way.

Another buyer says that while he thinks the fan is beautiful and well-made, he thinks that the lighting is a bit too dull- this is because the brightest ball this particular ceiling fan is equipped to take is 60 W. He precautions buyers that if the ceiling fan will be the only source of light of the particular room, you may want to look for a different option or supplement with a lamp.

Yet another reviewer installed this Westinghouse ceiling fan with light on his screen porch- and he says that, for the most part, he is pleased but wishes that the fan blades were a darker shade of mahogany. Another thing he notes is that the backs of the fan blades are not painted to match the color- they are actually yellow. If you install this ceiling fan in a place where the top of the blade is visible it could potentially ruin the color coordination of your living area.

Another reviewer who had this particular ceiling fan professionally installed using a flush mount configuration on a 8-foot ceiling is generally pleased, but kind of wish shows that the fan blades were made of wood instead of plastic, although they understand that wood does warp over time.

Another complaint that users have is that the speed settings are not too different, with many saying that they are all a bit too fast for their liking. One particular user says that it doesn't come with a setting that gently circulates air at a slow speed, but instead is equipped with three fast settings.

If you are in the market for a nautical ceiling fan, make sure that you check around to get a sense of the best options available on the market today. You also want to take some preliminary measurements to ensure that the ceiling fan you select can be easily and effectively installed inside of your home or out-of-doors on a patio or sundeck.

Some Of Our Other Top Picks

Tropical ceiling fans are a great way of adding some cheer and glamour into a room. The wide variety of blade choices available allows you to satisfy your taste and preferences to the maximum.

The Emerson Bahama Callito Tropical Ceiling Fan

Tommy Bahama Ceiling Fans TB135DBZ Cabrillo Cove Tropical Ceiling Fan

This is a very nice looking ceiling fan that is inspired by the warm tropical breezes. It has a rustic housing that has been complimented by a warm, multi-tone bronze finish. The fan has 2 fan blade styles, with each style being specifically meant to be use outdoors or indoors. Choosing the palm leaf blade will add the tropical touch that you desire and choosing the simple paddle blade that is two-toned will bring in some little elegance. It is ideal for a room with 8 to 9 feet ceiling but can and has customizable speed choices that be altered by a three-speed remote control. The Tommy Bahama beautiful details are guaranteed to make a striking statement in any home.

The Tommy Bahama Breeze Ceiling Fan

Tommy Bahama Ceiling Fans TB344DBZ Bahama Breezes Tropical Ceiling Fan

This is a 52 inch ceiling fan that is designed for outdoor uses. Its antique pewter housing has scrolling vine patterns and comes with a variety of blades which are sold separately, providing you with a lot of options to suit your specific needs. It has a K55XL motor that has a silent rubber hub, the highest performing motor by Emerson, making this fan one of the best that you can ever get. It comes with a 6 inch down rod that helps to stabilize the ceiling fan as well as to achieve a blade clearance that is optimal.

The Gulf Coast Bombay Tropical Ceiling Fan

Gulf Coast Fans 42-Inch Bombay Tropical Ceiling Fan - Antique Bronze
This is a 42 inch ceiling fan which is meant to offer a nice and beautiful tropical design in a damp location that is a bit smaller. Its blades are shaped like palm and damp rated with 5-ABS. it features stainless hardware as well as a pull chain. It is also reversible and has three motor speeds to choose from. It comes with a down rod of 14 inches measured from ceiling to the bottom of the fan. Tropical ceiling fans are meant to add great aesthetics that will bring a nice mood into any room. They usually have blades shaped like leaves which gives them the tropical feel.