The [5 Best] Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Lights

Outdoor ceiling fans with lights provide cooling air circulation for porches, gazebos, and other outside areas. The included light bulbs are frequently housed in attractive, removable casings to supply ambient illumination. 

As an exterior cooling fixture, installing one of these fans will let you extend your living space to areas outside of your home. Outdoor ceiling fans with lights provide home owners a convenient and comfortable means of spending time outside during the warmer spring and summer months- great if you are planning on having company over for family barbeques and backyard pool parties (Source).  

If you're unsure about ceiling-fan sizing, use this handy guide to help make your decision. 

When it comes to outdoor ceiling fans, you can find small ones ideal for outdoor spaces sized less than 100 square feet such. A balcony area, for example. They can also work in certain indoor areas like bathrooms, kitchens, panties & walk-in closets, helping to decrease indoor humidity (Source).

Choosing An Outdoor Ceiling Fan

There are also large outdoor ceiling fans, which are designed for outside spaces that are larger than 300 square feet like a sprawling patio or big gazebo. You'll also find flush mounted outdoor ceiling fans- these are best installed in outdoor living areas where the the ceiling height is less than eight feet.

Higher than 8 feet, you'll be looking at purchasing a downrod mounted outdoor ceiling fan so that the fan isn't too far above the ground for you to experience cooling air circulation (Source). 

We've compiled a list of some of our favorite outdoor ceiling fans- take a look at our top picks. ​

Lighted Outdoor Ceiling Fans Compared

Choosing the Right Size Ceiling Fan

Length of Longest Wall in Room

Less than 12 feet

12 to 15 feet

More than 15 feet

Best Ceiling Fan Width

36 inches or less

40 to 48 inches

52 inches or more

The 5 Best Lighted Outdoor Ceiling Fans 

The August Grove Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review




Our Rating

The August Grove 3-blade ceiling fan is compact, stylish and a good choice for your covered patio. Users love the industrial look and the powerful airflow, but some do note that the blades are shorter than what they expected.

With a metal frame and 3-wooden reversible blades, this modern outside ceiling fan has 3-speed settings, a light kit which accommodates one 75-watt bulb (not included), a 4.5-inch down rod and a handheld remote control. The size of the Betty-Jo ceiling fan is 16.25" x 26" x 26" and the maximum airflow is 2374 CFM, so it seems like an efficient fan for a small room or outdoor veranda.

Overall, users are satisfied with the performance, design and effectiveness of this outside ceiling fan with lights. One buyer commented that he was surprised that the ceiling fan fit perfectly over his stairs, and he is extremely pleased with the way it matches his décor.

The reviewer, however, warns that this outside fan with lights is heavy and you may need a supported electrical box. Another customer shares that he had doubts about the efficiency of this ceiling light for the outdoors because of the blades’ size, but it turned out that the generates an ample amount of wind, and he would highly recommend it.

A happy user mentions that this is the quietest ceiling fan that he has encountered, but the installation proved to be a challenge. Some other people have complained about the assembly process and some note that the light is not as bright as they wanted.

The Good

  • 3-speed settings
  • a schoolhouse light kit
  • a down rod
  • a handheld remote control
  • quiet and stylish

The Bad

  • no dimmer function
  • can be operated only by remote control
  • short blades
  • heavy
  • some problems with the installation
  • high-cost

The Hunter Fan Key Biscayne Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

Hunter Fans 54



Our Rating

The Hunter 5-blade ceiling fan is well-constructed, inexpensive, durable and suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Users love the aged Beachwood color, but some do note that it’s not easy to install it.

With a size of 16.46" x 54" x 54", the Hunter outdoor ceiling fan has reversible and removable blades with a span of 54 inches, a lantern light kit with two bulbs, 3-speed settings, a pull chain and a 2-inch down rod.

The maximum airflow is 6238 CFM, so this looks like a powerful ceiling fan for the outside, and it’s suitable for sloped ceilings, too.

As a whole, purchasers praise the functionality, style, and efficiency. One buyer commented that he was surprised by the high quality of this inside ceiling fan and that he can’t even hear it running.

The reviewer shared that he wasn’t sure whether the color would match his white ceiling, but he was delighted with the outcome. Another customer mentions that this is a heavy-duty ceiling fan and it fits perfectly in her bedroom.

The reviewer states that she is very happy with the expensive look and the reasonable price of the Hunter outdoor ceiling fan, and she would recommend it to anyone who wants an outside ceiling fan with lights. However, some customers have complained that it arrived with missing hardware and that the assembly instructions are unclear.

The Good

  • low-cost
  • quiet
  • 3-speed settings
  • suitable for sloped ceilings
  • reversible blades
  • a reversible motor
  • a pull chain
  • a light kit
  • a down rod

The Bad

  • no remote or wall control
  • hard to install
  • problems with delivery
  • unclear instructions

The Fanimation Kaya Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review




Our Rating

If you are looking for a high-quality outside ceiling fan, you might want to take a look at the Fanimation 5-blade room fan. Users love the elegant look and the easy installation process, but some do note that there is no remote control included in the package.

The Fanimation outdoor/ indoor ceiling fan has a size of 52" x52" x18.6", five blades with a 54-inch span, a reverse switch, three forward and three reverse speeds, two pull chains, and a down rod. The maximum airflow is 4995 CFM, and there is also a light kit included with a 26-watt GFL bulb. If you want, you can have this outside ceiling fan flush mounted, but be aware that the parts for that are sold separately.

As a whole, purchasers share positive experiences regarding the Fanimation outdoor ceiling fan with lights. One customer mentions that this fan is not only functional and useful to have, but it also has a great look. Another reviewer said that he liked this outside wet rated ceiling fan so much that he bought another one for his screen porch. He is immensely satisfied with the amount of light and the unique color.

A happy buyer shared that he had no problems to install this elegant ceiling fan. Moreover, he uses it on his balcony and so far the Fanimation ceiling fan shows no signs of damage or malfunctioning. He also states that the plastic blades look heavy-duty and durable. However, some customers are disappointed that they have to pay extra if they want to operate the fan with a remote control and that it can be used only with a CFL light bulb.

The Good

  • 3-speed settings
  • a reverse switch
  • two pull chains
  • a down rod
  • quiet, stylish
  • weather-resistant

The Bad

  • no remote or wall control
  • no dimmable feature
  • no flush mount kit

The Minka Aire RainMan Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

Minka Aire 54



Our Rating

The Minka Aire 5-blade indoor/ outdoor ceiling fan is well-made, sturdy and a good solution for cooling down your rooms. Users love the wall control system, but some do note that it’s larger than they expected.

With a size of 24" x 54" x 54", this ceiling fan for the outside is made of premium steel materials, and it has a schoolhouse light kit with a removable globe, three different speeds, and two down rods. The span of the blades is 54 inches, and the maximum airflow is 5470 CFM, so this could be an excellent choice if you want a reliable wet rated ceiling fan.

A happy user comments that the Minka Aire ceiling fan is perfect for her outside porch, and she is in love with the color and the elegant, modern look. The reviewer also comments that the delivery was fast, and he had no issues to install this outdoor ceiling fan.

Another buyer shares that she likes the unique light fixture, and it’s the best ceiling fan for the outdoors that she has encountered. A happy purchaser states that this wet rated ceiling fan with light is solid, quiet and powerful. The reviewer is also satisfied with the steady airflow, and he would recommend this high-quality ceiling fan to anyone.

However, some customers have complained that it’s not energy star rated and that the remote control isn’t included in the package. Some also warn that you might need to purchase a longer down rod because the one included in the package is too short.

The Good

  • 3 different speeds
  • a reversible motor
  • two down rods
  • a wall control option
  • quiet
  • sturdy and stylish
  • water resistant
  • a schoolhouse light kit
  • a dimmable feature

The Bad

  • not suitable for sloped ceilings
  • short down rod
  • no light cap

The Harbor Breeze Twin Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review



Our Rating

The Harbor Breeze twin ceiling fan is durable, reliable and an excellent choice for an outdoor fan with lights. Users love the oil bronze finish and the unique design, but some do note that it’s smaller than they anticipated.

This wet rated ceiling fan for the outside has six brown wicker blades, a light kit with a frosted glass shade and two bulbs, a 4-inch down rod and three different speeds. The maximum airflow is 4450 CFM, and this looks like a good choice if you want something efficient and reasonably priced.

As a whole, buyers are happy with the style and functionality of the Harbor Breeze bronze ceiling fan for the outdoors, but they do have some complaints regarding the strength of the airflow. One customer shares that it cools his back porch perfectly, and he can easily feel the gentle breeze.

Another user mentioned that he had three twin outdoor ceiling fans at home, and he was surprised how easy it was to them and that they worked quietly and smoothly.

A happy buyer states that her outdoor Gazebo looks magnificent with the Harbor ceiling fan, and she would recommend it without a second thought.

However, some customers have complained that this ceiling outdoor fan has more of a decorative purpose and it’s the airflow is too feeble to cool a large room properly. Some also have complained that it’s overpriced, and the quality is not what they expected it to be.

The Good

  • quiet
  • suitable for twin ceilings
  • a light kit
  • a down rod
  • three speeds
  • weather resistant
  • a reversible motor

The Bad

  • the airflow is not strong
  • no remote or wall control
  • suitable for very large rooms

Other Favorites

The Merrimack 52" Antique-Style Lighted Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Another favorite of ours is the Merrimack 52 inch antique-style outdoor ceiling fan. This vintage, outdoor ceiling fan includes a light, five weather-resistant blades, a 52-inch span that makes it perfect for large outdoor areas, a remote control option to adjust the light settings and fan speed, and a convenient downrod mounting installation. Merrimack says that its AC motor is equipped to generate 5188 CFM air flow.

  • Buyers say that if you are looking to install two of these Merrimack outdoor ceiling fans, whether they be in a barn or an enclosed patio area, you just need to synchronize the fans at the same time with a single remote.
  • In order to do that, what you'll have to do is to simultaneously press on the lowest speed button and the highest speed button until the LED light blinks three times- that indicates that the two fans are now synchronized.
  • One home repair person told us that these Merrimack lighted outdoor ceiling fans can't be flush-mounted- but the downrod provides the flexibility needed for creating adequate airflow.
  • Another reviewer, who said these are among the best outdoor ceiling fans with lights he could find online, explained to us that he had these bronzed fans installed by a professional electrician who did the wiring so that he could work them from a wall light switch.
  • Changing the lightbulb isn't too difficult either, reviewers told us, saying that the glass bowl that encloses the lightbulb requires a hand screw to remove to adjust and replace the existing light fixture.
  • Another buyer said that the included 6-inch down rod is pretty easy to install, but you can always purchase a different option if you want greater length on the downrod.
  • Since the Merrimack's light settings can be adjusted independent of the remote control, buyers warn that if this is a problem for you- it's something you should consider prior to purchase.
  • Another reviewer who installed it on his back porch says that at its highest speed setting it does emit some annoying noise-but because this is an outdoor ceiling fan it isn't too much of an issue. 

The Hunter All-Weather Extra Quiet Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Another all-weather ceiling fan that comes with a light is the Hunter Biscayne 54-inch option. It features a proprietary motor called WhisperWind, generates quiet but powerful performance helping to cool you down outside whether you are relaxing on a patio or on a porch enjoying a sultry, but humid, evening. Hunter advertises the convenience of a pull chain that lets you quickly perform speed adjustments on the fan as well as turning it on and off. As well, Hunter ships it with an integrated light kit that includes an attractive white glass case- a pair of medium base bulbs are included.

  • One seasoned home remodeler advises new users to investigate purchasing longer style downrods- he told us that if you are working on an angled or higher-sloped ceiling, a longer downrod can be purchased from Home Depot, Lowe's or online in longer lengths ranging from 12 all the way up to 72 inches.
  • Another reviewer told us that this Hunter outdoor ceiling fan was an easy install- it ended up moving air around an enclosed outdoor area sufficiently, all with an attractive, vintage appearance that matches their home decor.
  • On the downside, the lightbulbs included by Hunter, some users thought, were a little bit too dim for their liking and the lack of a remote control was an inconvenience for some buyers.
  • One reviewer that lives down south in the United States says that during summers, when the temperature exceeds 90° on most nights, this fan provides a strong current of air that actually complements the air conditioning unit in and in an adjacent interior room of the home.
  • This particular buyer concurred with a previous reviewer who criticized the the low output of Hunter's included lights- saying that while not too bright, you can read by it if the fan is close by, but really they are more for the ambience of the look than for pure utility.
  • Reviewers we spoke to told us that regarding assembly, a common mistake is that when you are attaching the metal pieces that affix the Hunter blades and to attach them backwards- so be sure to carefully examine the illustrated instructions to prevent making this common error.
  • In addition, since this is a relatively heavy outdoor ceiling fan, you'll want to ensure that you are installing it a structurally sound area to keep it hanging without it coming crashing down on your head one hot evening.
  • Other buyers told us that if you are looking to circulate air on a covered deck or porch, this is a great-looking, vintage option that moves air effectively and efficiently, though as we have seen the included lights don't live up to many buyers expectations.

The Brentford Walnut-Colored Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Another outdoor ceiling fan that comes with lights is the 52-inch Brentford ceiling fan. This is a particularly gorgeous walnut-colored option. Westinghouse advertises this as a coastal-themed fan that works well in humid and wet regions with weather proofed blades that are reversible. In addition, Westinghouse advises that this light-producing fan is best used in areas around 360 ft.²-especially if you are looking for a rustic, outdoor solution in your veranda, patio deck or inside of a gazebo. On a sidenote, Westinghouse is a great resource for perusing ceiling fans, particularly considering their robust catalog of options to accommodate standard ceilings, high ceilings, angled ceilings as well as low ceilings.

  • One Westinghouse ceiling-fan buyer we interviewed says that while overall he considers this a gorgeous and high-powered ceiling fan for outdoor use, he does criticize the placement of the bulbs- they just do not radiate enough light.
  • As well, you can't swap out the existing bulb and replace it with a higher wattage option because of the way the circuits are wired to shut off when detecting extra current.
  • Reviewers were also impressed by the Westinghouse's blades themselves- because they are reversible they are particularly dynamic, with light and dark sides that enable you to effectively mix-and-match to color coordinate with your homes interior decor.
  • Reviewers concur that Westinghouse produces especially beautiful ceiling fans- ideal for outdoor installations, with some buyers actually saying that the bulb provided a greater illumination than they had been led to believe.
  • While this particular Westinghouse unit does not ship with a remote control, reviewers say that it's pretty easy to control with the chains, though some thought they could be longer but that will depend on the length of your downrod installation.

The Merrimack Antique-Style Twin Lighted Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Another lighted outdoor ceiling fan is the Harbor Breeze twin fan. It features an incandescent bulb hidden in by frosted glass and a 74-inch span with wicker-styled blades. It ships with a pair of 60 W lightbulbs and is a down rod mounted option idea for a slope or flat ceilings and great for highly spacious rooms that measure over 20' x 20'. Buyers should be forewarned that it does not include a remote control but you can configure it to work with a universal remote. The way this is constructed, these are two independent fans on either end with separate motors-this means, that if one of them stops working, the other will continue to spin. However, you cannot turn one of the fans off and have the other one running.

  • One reviewer told us that they installed it in their back porch area-a particularly long and spacious semi-enclosed outdoor area that required illumination a strong breeze and a quiet ceiling fan.
  • Other buyers say that they have installed it in gazebos, but advise undecided buyers to check in with local retail stores like Lowe's and Walmart to see if they can find it for a cheaper price.
  • One reviewer took the initiative to measure the length of the ceiling fan blades, reporting that they measure between 11 and 12 inches.
  • Another buyer who was concerned about its ability to generate lighting inside of his dining room said that for undecided buyers it will really depend on how high the ceiling is and the length of the downrod you use to install it in your outdoor area.
  • Handily, you can actually install a cap over the light if you aren't interested in illuminating outdoor areas with the ceiling fan.

The Litex Knightsbridge Bronze Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Another ceiling fan with a light we examined was the Litex Knightsbridge 52-inch outdoor ceiling fan- it is an aged bronze outdoor option that includes candelabra bulbs. In terms of its particular measurements, from the ceiling to the blade will be 16.5 inches and from its absolute bottom to the ceiling is 26.5 inches.

This five bladed outdoor ceiling fan is marketed as an ideal complement to an enclosed patio- particularly great for areas of high humidity that require air circulation with a touch of vintage, craft decor.

As well, this remote-controlled outdoor ceiling fan also includes a light dimming feature that you can adjust from the remote that effectively complements a high-performance motor designed to be quiet but powerful at the same time.

  • One buyer advised us that, yes, if you were to purchase two of these, you can configure a single remote to work with both ceiling fans at the same time.
  • Another reviewer was somewhat displeased with the blade color, saying that initially they had been in the market for an oil rubbed bronze, but when they receive this in the mail from Home Depot, in their opinion the blades have too dark a coloration that almost resembles a pitch black.
  • They did say that they are extremely satisfied with their purchase, however, saying that they installed on their vaulted ceiling exceptionally well, providing great airflow and many compliments from visiting neighbors who dined beneath it outdoors during the summer months.
  • Another buyer cautioned new users to be exceedingly cautious during installation because the finish is prone to scratching. But you can always touch it up with a permanent marker if any of the scratches are too evident.
  • Another reviewer says that for their installation the fan doesn't quite operate too well at high speed settings, saying that it ends up shaking a lot. Even with an aftermarket balance kit, this reviewer writes to us that it still experiences vibration issues that prevent him from endorsing it as a solid buy for outdoor use.
  • Another interesting critique of the ceiling fan is that if you use the light casing with the included lightbulbs it produces a glistening disco ball effect that not all users enjoyed-though if you opt for opaque lightbulbs that have softer glows you will not experience this issue.
  • Overall, buyers like how unique in appearance the ceiling fans are-and how effective the lights are for illuminating outdoor areas.
  • It is a strong fan that produces an abundance of air flow with its highest setting being a truly powerful force that many reviewers told us was the strongest current they've experienced from a ceiling fan to date.
  • However, some reviewers say that at high-speeds the fan is prone to wobbling, no matter how they have installed it.
  • In addition, even professional electricians have had some difficulty configuring the frequencies of multiple fans- so some buyers have purchased more than one for outdoor use and have found they have to manually turn them off one by one, rather than employing the remote control for that purpose.

Buying Criteria

Just for aesthetic purposes, you may decide to buy one of these outdoor ceiling fans. The same applies to people who live in hot regions who have to install fans even in their outdoor facilities. Not matter your reason for installing it, you’ll need to select the best outdoor ceiling fans for your home. In doing so, you should check on a number of features that define the best outdoor ceiling fans.

Features that Define the Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Here below are some of the features that well define the best outdoor ceiling fans.

Well-designed: A major feature that defines an outdoor ceiling is in its design. They are usually characterized by beautiful design that is meant to make your outdoor areas even more attractive. The blades are at times curved to make them more aerodynamic and pleasing to the eye. 

Three Speed Options: For more cooling, you should go for ceiling fans with three speed options for better air movement at high-speed settings.

Remote Control: A very important feature that the best outdoor ceiling fans should have is the remote control option. The remote control option allows you to enjoy the freedom of relaxation without having to walk to adjust your fan’s speed. For an outdoor ceiling fan, remote control is considered to be very essential.

Dust Proof Technology: The ceiling fan being used outdoor should also be dust proof. Any outdoor facility is bound to have dust and thus the need to protect the fan from the ever present dust. When buying your outdoor ceiling fan, it is important to check whether it has dust proof technology or not. If there is no guarantee of it being dust proof, then you should not buy it.

Powerful Motor: An outdoor ceiling fan should have an extremely powerful motor to enable it provide strong wind current and dependable performance.

Light brightness: As we have seen, some of the ceiling fan light fixtures just don’t have enough power to provide true outdoor illumination- check ahead on this if it’s important to you!

Reader Submissions

An outdoor ceiling fan is usually meant not just to bring a cooler environment in the outdoor facility but also to ensure that the facility looks beautiful. The aesthetic functions of outdoor ceiling fans can be improved if the fan has lights. Outdoor ceiling fans with lights offer the best option for your outdoor cooling system. Here below are some of the best outdoor ceiling fans with lights.

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans with Lights:

  1. Westinghouse 7800000 Brentford

This is one of the best outdoor ceiling fans with lights that you can get. It is a five-blade reversible ceiling fan that ensures you enjoy the best temperatures in your outdoor facility all year round. It has a gorgeous look resembling the old school lamp. Its look is nothing compared to the efficient motor which ensures smooth air circulation. This motor is so efficient that it has a lifetime warranty attached to it. The lighting offered by this ceiling fan is quite sufficient and thus serves well as an outdoor ceiling fan with lights.

  1. Hunter Fan 59135

This is a five-blade reversible ceiling fan meant to cater for outdoor needs. This is not any other ordinary outdoor ceiling fan that you see around; the Hunter Fan 59135 has a powerful motor that delivers an ultra-powerful air movement without producing noise. Its powerful motor makes it suitable for a large outdoor facility. The stainless steel hardware used to manufacture this ceiling fan makes it suitable for outdoor since it is dust resistant. The light kit has been synced well with ceiling fan. The light is enclosed in a painted cased white glass to enhance its beauty.

  1. Westinghouse 7861920 Oasis Single-Light

This is yet a unique ceiling fan with lights by Westinghouse. The 48 inch five-blade outdoor ceiling fan is your ideal ceiling fan in wet locations. It can be used in large outdoor facilities of up to 144 square feet. Just like top ceiling fans, this one too has a reversible switch that allows the fan to thoroughly circulate cool or warm air. Therefore, it can be used all year round in all seasons. The powerful motor used in this fan moves a lot of air. It is for this reason that the motor has a lifetime warranty.

Bottom Line:

Using an outdoor ceiling fan with lights is very good. It is important to choose the best ceiling fan to enjoy the benefits of an efficient outdoor ceiling fan. The above-mentioned fans should give you a head start on getting the best outdoor ceiling fans with lights.