The 5 Quietest Ceiling Fans [Reviewed]

Many buyers prioritize purchasing a quiet ceiling fan for the obvious reason that they don't want to be bothered by a noisy fan in the bedroom or living room disturbing their peace of life.

If you are looking for a ceiling fan that runs quietly and smoothly, all of the fans that we have recommended on this page are endorsed by users who say that they are particularly quiet-running options to consider.

While manufacturers are not legally required to publicize the decibel output of their ceiling fans, most of the higher-quality name brands you are probably familiar with like Emerson and Casablanca do actually test the noise levels of their products to ensure that they are up to their own quality standards.

If you're unsure about ceiling-fan sizing, use this handy guide to help make your decision. 

Unfortunately, the information is not publicly available for us to analyze. But we do have a ton of user feedback to go by. Let's take a look at 5 of the quietest ceiling fans on the market today. 

How to choose a ceiling fan

Quiet Ceiling Fans Compared

 Quiet Ceiling FansOur RatingPriceBlade SpanMountingAirflow
Nomad 52 Ceiling FanThe Nomad Ceiling Fan Motor4.6$52"Downrod5,430 CFM
Westinghouse Lighting 30 Wengue 3 Blade Ceiling FanThe Westinghouse Lighting Wengue Ceiling Fan4.4$$30"Downrod2,543 CFM
Monument Bala Ceiling FanThe Monument Bala Ceiling Fan4.7$$42"Downrod5,584 CFM
Westinghouse Lighting 42 Alloy 3 Reversible Blade Ceiling FanThe Westinghouse Lighting Alloy Ceiling Fan4.4$$42"Downrod4,083 CFM
50 Pro Series Ceiling Fan Finish: Antique Brass with Oak / Walnut Blades, Glass Type: Alabaster Swirl GlassThe Antique Brass Pro Series Ceiling Fan4.7$50"Downrod5,224 CFM

The 5 Best Ceiling Fans

The Savoy House Ceiling Fan Review

Nomad 52



Our Rating

The 52" ceiling fan offered by Savoy House is durable, stylish and suitable for outdoor use. Users love the elegant, black color and the 3-speed pull chain, but some do note that there is no light kit included in the package.

The Savoy outdoor ceiling fan has a size of 14.96" x 52" x 52", five blades with a span of 52 inches, and a down rod with a size of 6" x 0.5". Moreover, there is a hugger kit included, and you can choose from three different colors. On the whole, it seems like a good option if you want a ceiling fan for the outdoors.

Generally, users are happy with the Savoy House contemporary ceiling fan – they praise its functionality, durability, and efficiency. One buyer mentions that it’s perfect for his front porch, and he is surprised by the quality and the price.

A purchaser shares that the outdoor hanging fan has not been affected by rain so far, and you can’t hear the motor when it’s working. A happy buyer mentions this quiet ceiling fan is easy to install, and that it’s effective in cooling his workshop.

He would recommend it to anyone looking for a nicely finished, well-constructed ceiling fan for his shop. However, some customers express their dissatisfaction that even the highest setting doesn’t produce as much wind as they expected.

The Good

  • 3-speed settings
  • down rod and a hugger kit
  • different colors available
  • safe for outdoor use
  • reversible motor

The Bad

  • no light kit
  • no remote control
  • no wall control
  • complaints that the airflow is not strong

The Westinghouse Lighting Wengue Ceiling Fan Review

Westinghouse Lighting 30



Our Rating

If you are looking for a modern, stylish and efficient fan for your room, you might take a look at the Westinghouse Lighting 3-blade ceiling fan. Users love the stainless steel color and the price, but some do note that it is smaller than they expected.

This bedroom ceiling fan has a metal body and reversible wooden blades with a span of 30 inches, 3-speed settings, and a size of 10.38" x 5.13" x 6.75". Moreover, there is one adjustable down rod for mounting with a size of 4"x 0.75", plus an integrated light kit and a pull chain. The maximum airflow is 2543 CFM, so the Westinghouse ceiling fan could be the right choice for small rooms up to 80 square feet.

One buyer shared that her husband managed to install this elegant ceiling fan for about 20 minutes, and she was surprised how quietly it worked on the highest setting. The reviewer states that it moves a lot of air, and she would gladly recommend it to anyone looking for a modern ceiling fan.

Another customer comments that it’s ideal for her small bathroom, and in the summer the Westinghouse ceiling fan makes a difference. A pleased purchaser mentions that this quiet ceiling fan provides a decent amount of light, but she would change the incandescent light bulbs with LED ones. Another buyer says that it’s very functional, and she loves that she can change the direction of the airflow.

However, some customers have complained that the small ceiling fan wobbles and that it doesn’t move as much air as they want. One customer complains that you have to be directly under it to feel the breeze.

The Good

  • metal body
  • down rod for mounting
  • integrated light kit
  • pull chain
  • quiet
  • reversible motor
  • reversible blades and motor

The Bad

  • no remote control or wall control included
  • suitable for small rooms
  • small size
  • limited color options

The Monument Bala Ceiling Fan Review

Monument Bala Ceiling Fan



Our Rating

The Monument ceiling fan looks well-design, sturdy and efficient product for your home. Users love the industrial look and the fact that the fan works quietly, but some do note the blades are metal and could pose a danger.

This compact room fan has a size of 2.5" x 48"x 7.5", 3-speed options, and an integrated light kit with a white shade. The maximum airflow of 5586 CFM and it’s available only in brushed chrome. This 4-blade ceiling fan can only be downrod mounted, and you should be aware that it’s not compatible with a remote control, so you’ll have to use the pull chains to operate it.

One purchaser states that it is easy to install the Monument ceiling fan and the construction seems solid and reliable. A reviewer shares that the fan looks very professional in her kitchen and matches the interior.

Another user mentions that the delivery was fast, and he is happy with the quality and color of this ceiling fan with lights. A reviewer states that the airflow is significant even on the lowest setting, and the sleek design is impressive. She would recommend it to anyone looking for a powerful ceiling fan.

However, some customers have complained that it was smaller than they expected and that it’s loud on a higher setting. Some also advise that you should use it only for high ceilings since the blades are made of metal to avoid accidents.

The Good

  • sturdy constructions
  • integrated light kit
  • 3-speed options
  • powerful
  • modern design
  • low-cost

The Bad

  • no remote control compatible
  • only one color available
  • insufficient information about what is included in the package

The Westinghouse Lighting Alloy Ceiling Fan Review

Westinghouse Lighting 42



Our Rating

The Westinghouse Lighting 3-blade ceiling fan is a durable, high-quality product, useful for the hot summer nights. Users love the reversible blades, but some do note that it’s a small ceiling fan.

With a body size of 11.75"x 42" x 42", this modern ceiling fans has a motor made of metal, wooden blades with a span of 42 inches and 3-speed settings. The down rod, required for installation, has a size of 4" x 0.75" and there is an integrated light kit with an incandescent bulb. The maximum airflow is 4083 CFM, but it’s more suitable for small rooms.

One user comments that the small ceiling fan is effective, unobtrusive, silent, and the right fit for her small bedroom. Another customer states that the instructions for the installation are clear, and it’s not that difficult to do it by yourself. She likes the streamlined look and would recommend it to anyone on the lookout for an elegant ceiling fan.

A happy user mentions that this quiet ceiling fan is a nice addition to his bedroom and the amount of circulation is enough to keep him cool in the summer and warm in the winter. However, some customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the small size of the Westinghouse ceiling fan and they also complain that the fan is slightly noisy on a higher setting.

The Good

  • 3-speed options
  • integrated light kit
  • easy to install
  • down rod included
  • reversible motor and blades
  • light is dimmable
  • low-cost

The Bad

  • no remote or wall control included
  • size is small for a large room
  • complaints of noise
  • dim light
  • available only in one color

The Emerson Pro Series Antique Brass Ceiling Fan Review




Our Rating

If you are looking for an efficient, reasonably priced ceiling fan suitable for large rooms, you might want to consider the Emerson ceiling fan. Users love the creamy color and that this modern fan with lights can be flush mounted or downrod installed, but some do that there is no remote control included.

This contemporary ceiling fan has five reversible blades, 3-speed pull chain, a bowl light kit, and a 4.5 inch down rod. The fan size is 18.5" x 50" with a blade span of 50 inches, and a maximum airflow of 5224 CFM. Overall, it looks like an excellent choice for an indoor fan with light.

A user comments that the quality of this quiet ceiling fan is excellent, and the construction seems sturdy and reliable. The reviewer also said that the ceiling fan was delivered fast and the assembly process wasn’t complicated.

A happy buyer shares that the ceiling light is bright enough and the design matches her kitchen interior. Another purchaser states that this elegant ceiling fan works remarkably silent, and the generated wind is enough to keep her room cool and breezy. A satisfied user says that the fan is suitable for any décor, and she would recommend it to anyone looking for the best quiet ceiling fan.

However, some customers have complained that they encountered difficulties with the installation. One buyer comments that the down rod is not the standard size, and it can’t be extended if you have a higher ceiling.

The Good

  • can be flush or down rod mounted
  • well-constructed, beautiful creamy color
  • 3-speed settings
  • reversible blades
  • light kit and a down rod included

The Bad

  • no remote or wall control
  • problems with the size of the down rod
  • the light is not dimmable

Choosing a quiet ceiling fan

There are some common factors to consider when it comes to evaluating the potential noisiness of a ceiling fan:

  • The first is the motor size and quality: Ceiling fans with larger and better-constructed motors, for the most part, run more quietly and smoothly, while smaller and inferior-made motors often make clicking or buzzing sounds.
  • Ceiling fans with DC motors tend to run quieter and cooler than AC ceiling fan motors because they are equipped with magnets that do not produce any electrical buzz at all.
  • Again, quality ceiling fans from better-known name brands will be constructed of more substantial components. This means that the sturdier and thicker materials used to construct the ceiling fan components are equipped to deaden irritating noises. Ceiling fans that are made from thin sheet metal can often vibrate and create annoying noise amplification.
  • Another factor in choosing a quiet ceiling fan is the style and quality of mounting hardware- obviously, you'll want something that mounts securely so that it shakes less and is less likely to move around.
  • Another quality concern that is implicated in ceiling fan noise is balance. Balance refers to the precision of the fans construction, which determines how well balanced and therefore how quiet and smooth the fan runs.

Another factor to consider is the air noise itself as your ceiling fan spins and circulates air throughout the room. Most people enjoy the sound and sensation of this breeze, but stronger and better-constructed ceiling fans can create very strong breezes, oftentimes, that can be loud in and of themselves.

Then again, purchasing a pricey but quality brand ensures that the fan blades themselves will be designed to cut down on wind noise. Interestingly, when ceiling fans are installed with their blades very close to the ceiling, there is sometimes a sound produced that is very much like an impulse reverberation as the air literally bounces between the ceiling and the fan blades.

This most often occurs when the fan is on a very high-speed setting, and more often with 3 blades as opposed to 5 blade options.

What are users saying?

One buyer who purchased the Nomad ceiling fan particularly enjoyed the black mat coloration that blended well with her child's bedroom decor, saying that it has a clean and simple design and that it is quiet enough that it doesn't disturb him from easily falling asleep while it is on.

Another popular option with a user that we surveyed was the Westinghouse Lighting Wengue ceiling fan. One user says that it is strikingly designed, powerfully moves air, but in a very quiet and efficient manner.

Yet another buyer says that they installed it in a very small bedroom and that it keeps their room nice and cool during the swampy summer months in Florida. This is no small feat. She also comments that it is a tremendously quiet unit- she had a professional electrician install it, but she does say that it could easily be done by somebody handier than herself.

Another buyer who opted for the Bala ceiling fan by Monument says that it is a stylish and sleek ceiling fan option that they have installed in tenements and office buildings that they own.

She says it runs very quiet and is relatively fashionable with its industrial and modern styling. Indeed, the best advice we can give is to pay a little bit extra to purchase a quality ceiling fan because with quality construction comes better design and noise reduction.

Ceiling fans dissected

The XLP motor continues to be regarded as the market standard for optimal quietness. It is a Direct Drive motor. To put it differently, the motor within the fan is stationary and it spins a drive shaft which comes from the bottom of the motor.

There's a rubberized flywheel connected to the drive shaft that the fan blades affix to. Furthermore, this permits the fan to spin in a more balanced manner. It also dampens the electric motor noise and transfers much less sound to the blades. Almost every other fans have spinner motors.

With these motors, the drive shaft down the center of the fan is stationary and the whole motor spins around the drive shaft. The fan blades are connected right to the motor. So there is much more possibility of the fan shaking and any motor noise is amplified by the blades and motor housing.The DC motors are all spinner motors. The DC Panama, for example, has a DC Spinner Motor, which features a different motor than the 4-Speed Panama (XLP Direct Drive motor).

Even so, at the top end level, the DC motors are incredibly silent and operate completely balanced. This is common for the motors in the Casablanca and Emerson fans. DC motors are the most advanced technology and will run you about 75% less to use, because they are extremely efficient. Additionally they circulate more air than other fan motors.

Moving more air and using considerably less electricity are huge bonuses.So far as sound is concerned, there aren't any fan companies that release assessment test results for noise. Even though Emerson does noise testing, they're not going to supply any info to publish because they state that it is for internal quality assurance purposes only plus they don't want other fan brands harvesting this data for their own uses.